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Frequently Asked Questions


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What am I getting when using Link Majesty?

Link Majesty offers a powerful SEO service where you can access the power of a private blog network by renting or purchasing permanent backlinks to your website.

If you choose to rent links with us then the number of links you order will be what you will be renting. For example, if you rent 10 links, your order will consist of 10 ten links only which will stay live during the course of your subscription.

The one off payment on the permanent packages ensures your links will remain on our network for the forseeable future with no further recurring payments.

Who can use our service?

If you are a website owner or SEO expert managing multiple clients in any niche, our link based packages will add diversity and power to your strategy. Combining our service alongside other natural link building techniques including Blog commenting, Web 2.0’s and feeding your sites with social signals will yield excellent results.

Why do I need articles with each order?

When placing any backlink onto a web page, the most powerful links are those which are contextual. What this means is that the link has been embedded in a section of text that is related to the topic of the site it is linking out to.

We require content for each unique link as we are unable to simply place a bare link on our pages. This would look totally unnatural and affect the quality. As stated, each of our links is surrounded by 500 words of high quality and unique hand written content that is relevant to the topic of the money site is is linking to.

Please note: While this may be an extra cost, it GUARANTEES the quality and relevancy of your links which is a hugely important factor in search engine algorithims now. It is better to have ten high quality contextal links than a thousand spammy links from a Fiverr gig.

Do I provide you with content for my links?

As we take great pride in the quality and authenticity of our network, we prefer to use our own writers to curate content. This is to ensure  that all articles meet the high standards and congruency we strive to maintain across all sites. To partly cover the cost of this service, each article will have a small charge of $5 added to each link purchased.

Clients also have the option to submit their own articles, yet we must stress these have to be 100% unique and a minimum of 500 words. Any articles submitted to the network will be run through Copyscape to check for plagiarism and rejected if they do not meet our criteria.

We also will not accept spun content from programs such as Article Builder or Spin Rewriter.

How long does it take until my links go live?

To maintain the safety of our network, it is crucial for us to keep all link building activites completely natural. Link building is not a process that should be rushed which is why all links will be drip fed over a series of days depending on the volume of your order. It is also important that if you have a new site to make sure you build up a diversified link base first before using this service. These links can come from blog commenting, Web 2.0’s, forum posting and by creating profiles for your website on all of the major social networks. Some of these include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. This is a great way of creating a natural presence to start with in the search engines. 

Are you able to show me the websites my links are posted on?

As we are dealing with a number of different clients, discretion is key as well as the fact we are running a “private” blog network. While we are not able to disclose any of the sites on our network, there are ways of finding this information out for yourself. We must stress that any new client taken onboard is trusted not to disclose any of this information to third parties to maintain the security of the network.

Why am I only able to order a maximum of fifteen links?

Unfortunately, due to the exclusivity of our service and our network, we are only taking a small number of clients on board and once these spaces are gone, we will be closing the network to further new applications. This is to ensure we retain quality, maximize the power and keep the number of outbound links on our sites to a minimum.

If you require a larger package, then we are able to discuss options but this will be at our discretion. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment for all orders is Paypal. All orders are final and while we are happy to work with all clients to ensure they are happy with our service, we unfortunately do not offer refunds due to the time and effort it takes into taking onboard each new order.


Can be links be viewed by programs such as Majestic SEO and Ahrefs?

Maintaining the right security and confidentiality of a Private Blog Network is essential which is why we place software on all our sites to stop bots crawling the pages from websites such as Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and Moz. This prevents competitors from seeing your newly generated links and works to keep the network completely secure and stable.