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1st Page Proof Of Ranking

Link Majesty PBN Links Ranking Proof 1
Nick Shaw - Ranking
“After launching a new site promoting a competitive weight loss product and one that was incredibly hard to rank for, I just wasn’t getting the results with what I was doing. I tried everything from blog commenting, guest posting and Web 2.0’s but just couldn’t get that 1st page ranking and was missing out on countless opportunities. Within one month of ordering the King package from Link Majesty, I have jumped from page 10 to the 1st page of Google! All I can say is if you are not using a PBN network to give your site that Link Juice it needs and outperforming the competition, now is the time to start. I now make in excess of $5,000 a month thanks to Link Majesty!”
Nick Shaw, Affiliate Marketer
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More Page 1 Ranking Proof

Link Majesty PBN Ranking Proof 1
53rd to 1st page in just over a week – Finance niche
PBN Ranking Proof 2
37th to 1st page in under a week – Weight loss niche
PBN Ranking Proof 3
40+ to 2nd position – Local Accountancy Client
Link Majesty PBN Links Ranking Proof 4
5th page to 1st page – Amazon Affiliate Site

7 Reasons to use a Link Majesty for Powerful Links

(We are biased, of course, but the facts speak for themselves)

Perfectly Natural Link Building Techniques

#1 Perfectly Natural Link Building Techniques

Did you know that a huge majority of the links purchased online come from automated systems and link farms that use bots / software to post multiple outbound links on pages that have little or no SEO value?

This method does not work anymore, is highly dangerous and will damage your rankings with the potential for your site to be penalized. Link Majesty does not work on volume by “slapping” links up on a page, instead we develop your links manually and drip feed them to look totally natural.

#2 Full Control and Transparency of your SEO

By hosting your links on our network you have TOTAL control over what we place as well as peace of mind that your competitors do not have access to this source. ALL of our links are guaranteed to stay in place for the duration of your subscription.

Many links bought from automated sites are placed on pages with hundreds of outbound links and commonly deleted several days after they are placed. Each of the links you order will be a powerful do follow link coming from its own separate domain on a page with low outbound links, maximising its power.

Full Control and Transparency of your SEO
Premium Domains with Quality Metrics

#3 Premium Domains with Quality Metrics

Page rank is an outdated metric which bears no relevance in modern SEO. Using state of the art analytical tools, each and every site across our network has been hand picked to meet strict criteria.

Elements we base our selection on include the Trust Flow and Citation Flow (From Majestic), Domain Authority (From Open Site Explorer) and the number of quality referring domains from high authority sites. We only focus on domains that have built up powerful metrics, are spam free and are indexed by the major search engines.

#4 High Quality Content Relevant to your Niche

With recent updates, relevance and authority is key for powerful rankings. Each and every link that comes from our network is supported by unique hand written content that will be relevant to your niche.

We use native English speaking writers to deliver quality (not spun) articles that pass Google’s high standards and support the authority of your link. All articles also link to authority sites such as Wikipedia and include relevant imagery and videos.

If you prefer to write your own content, we also offer the option for clients to submit their own articles.

High Quality Content Relevant to your Niche
Link Majesty: Staying Ahead of SEO Trends

#5 Staying Ahead of SEO Trends

Our team works relentlessly to adapt to changes in the world of Search Engine Optimisation. Stale PBN sites with zero content and activity just plain don’t work anymore.

All of the sites on our client network are regularly updated with fresh content with a varied word count, imagery, videos and are pumped with social signals from the biggest platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to build up their trust and authority even further.

#6 Peace of Mind

Security is of upmost importance for all sites on our network – Each and every domain is registered under a number of different registrars and hosted across multiple accounts with different IP addresses in an array of geographical locations.

This will ensure the safety and resilience of each site on our network. With over 300 sites powering Link Majesty, many of our own money sites run from these domains and you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Backlinking Peach of Mind
First Class Backlinking Support

#7 First Class Support

The Link Majesty team are all English speakers and based in the United Kingdom. We do not hide behind a Contact Form and pride our service on a quick response time to address any queries or support that our clients need.

Send us an email here for a swift answer to your query!

Sample sites from the Link Majesty Network

Example PBN Sites
Sample Websites In Our Network

How many links would you like?

Choose the number of white hat text links you would like to rent on a monthly basis. These very high quality backlinks are mainly used by SEOs who are uncertain on the time a client will stick with them, or are on a tight budget. Most upgrade to permanent backlinks after trialling the Link Majesty monthly service.


The Jester

29$ month
  • 1 Powerful Link
  • 1 Unique Domain
  • 1 URL
  • 1 Anchor Text
  • 15+ Trust Flow
  • 15+ Domain Authority

The Prince

49$ month
  • 2 Powerful Links
  • 2 Unique Domains
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Anchor Text
  • 15+ Trust Flow
  • 15+ Domain Authority
  • Save $9 Per Month!

The Queen

99$ month
  • 5 Powerful Links
  • 5 Unique Domains
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Anchor Text
  • 15+ Trust Flow
  • 15+ Domain Authority
  • Save $46 Per Month!

The Emperor

199$ month
  • 15 Powerful Links
  • 15 Unique Domains
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Anchor Text
  • 15+ Trust Flow
  • 15+ Domain Authority
  • Save $236 Per Month!

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